Pamlico County Schools
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Exceptional Children Program
A wide range of programs and services is provided for exceptional children with special needs ages three to twenty-one. Currently 306 students are served in programs for exceptional children in Pamlico County Schools.  State and federal regulations governing these programs and services have been strictly adhered to so that the most appropriate and least restrictive learning environments are provided for children with special needs. Our students receive services in a variety of settings including the regular classroom, the resource class, and self-contained classes.  Services are provided to special needs children who are identified as:
  1. Autistic

  2. Behaviorally-emotionally disabled

  3. Deaf-blind

  4. Hearing impaired

  5. Developmentally delayed

  6. Mentally disabled

  7. Multi-handicapped

  8. Orthopedically impaired

  9. Other health impaired

  10. Specific learning disabled

  11. Speech-language impaired

  12. Traumatic brain injured

  13. Visually impaired

In addition, a variety of related services, including speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and transportation are provided if prescribed by the Individual Education Plan (IEP). 

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Gifted Education
 The Pamlico County School System operates on the belief that we must develop the maximum potential in all of our students. The Gifted Education Program is part of a continuum of services that promotes and supports the academic achievement of all students and which provides appropriate educational opportunities for the intellectually gifted, the creatively talented, and the task-committed child.

The learning needs of students who exhibit gifted behaviors are different from other students of their age, experience, or environment. Realizing that students exhibiting exceptional abilities exist in all cultural and socio-economic groups, we are committed to meeting diverse needs through providing an array of service options. We believe that ongoing staff development in the Gifted Education Program ensures that service options are delivered by qualified personnel and that collaboration among teachers, parents, administrators, and community members can best determine the most effective services for our students.

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Exceptional Education Staff
Primary SchoolCynthia BrimageMiddle School 
 Nancy Willis Joy Caroon
 Nellie Pearsall Melissa White
 Jackie Davis Susan Sampson
   Rolayne Schwendy
   Vickie Ward
   Brenda Tyndall
Elementary School High School 
 Rebecca Liberty Ginny Lilly
 Paula Wallace Dewitt King
  Mary Ann Robertson  Jackie Boyd
SpeechMelissa Dixon  
 Ashley Johnson  
Occupational TherapyStephanie ScottPhysical TherapyCathy Gould
School PsychologistAngela ReaSchool NursesJanice Dixon, BOE
   Karen Cayton, PCMS
   Karen Smith, PCPS
   Susan Owlsley, FAA
   Rhonda Preston, PCHS